AKTON® Standard Pad
  • AKTON® Standard Pad
  • AKTON® Standard Pad
  • AKTON® Standard Pad

AKTON® Standard Pad

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Stops saddle pressure and stressed back muscles. Perfect during daily work for the pad is only 10 mm thick and won"t effect the fit of your saddle. Protects against pressure and stress, relieves young and sensitive horses. Delivered with a washable, sweat soaking melton cover.

Tested by Cavallo 01/2012
Great cushioning effect in all gaits. Distributes pressure evenly over the entire area.

The Original
Highly effective in preventing back problems and works as a pressure distributing protection. AKTON® pads have been on the market for more than 10 years and have provided relief and soothing for many horses.
The AKTON® pads have been continually redesigned and improved according to the latest research results, they provide:
- therapeutic properties with pleasant massage effect
- perfect weight distribution
- skin sensitive, silicon free, fur protecting, no gel &amp latex fabric softeners
- approved in human medicine, recommended by Veterinarians
- extraordinary functionality, does not wear out
- the original: ambour Coloured AKTON®, securely covered with a hard-wearing film

Size: 35 x 50 cm
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