NS Turtle Top Eggbutt
  • NS Turtle Top Eggbutt

NS Turtle Top Eggbutt

Delivery time 1-3 weeks
Bit Size: XS (108-118mm)
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Turtle Top™ with Flex

Anatomy-inspired double jointed bit design with enhanced mouthpiece stability, through optimised alignment of the mouthpiece surfaces to the tongue and palate.

The Neue Schule Flex design concept delivers a guaranteed and well controlled co-alignment of the surfaces of the mouthpiece with the sensitive surfaces of the equine mouth. For most designs Flex delivers parallel co-alignment of the Turtle Top™ dome with the equine palate.

In selected designs we allow Flex to deliver some firm but fair additional pressure to the tongue and poll using a lever action-induced rotation of the mouthpiece. The extra pressure obtainable is carefully restricted with Flex limiting the range of additional rotation to around 10 degrees.

Product NameTurtle Top Eggbutt
Product Code7023-E-TT
Mouthpiece Thickness16 mm
Ring / Shank SizeSnaffle Ring
Size AvailabilityX-SMALL (108 -118 mm)
SMALL (118 -128 mm)
MEDIUM (128 -138 mm)
LARGE (138 -148 mm)
X-LARGE (148 -158 mm)
XX-LARGE (158 -168 mm)
Other InfoNA
Neue Schule